Published 24.01.2004

This piece was created in response to a request for a gallery submission proposal from Nikelab.

The nikelab team decided not to use the piece reasoning that it was too similar in concept to a piece already included in the gallery - (I really should have had a better look through the existing site but quite honestly found the

navigation so unclear and protracted that I gave up without much of an idea how much of the content I had not seen).

Looking back, I can see that the concept of the piece is significantly flawed. The analogy made between the footwear and high performance motor vehicles, to me now seems an awkward one. Particularly as, thanks to the engine sound effects, the motion

blur, intended to denote power and speed, could easily be interpreted as noxious emissions.

The piece is built in such a way that any number of objects (boots in this case) can be quickly and easily added or removed to and from the procession.

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