Created 08.04.2003

This piece uses an experimental sound technique similar to that used in xmascard2003.

A sample of a woman talking about her idea of tranquility is played once and then in several looped layers. The playhead in each layer skips acrross the surface of the sound like a moving window creating in an ever changing layered texture of slowed down, speeded up, sometimes

stuttering versions of the woman's speech.

The sound is intimately linked with the accompanying abstract visual, each version of the woman's voice momentarily staining the silvery lines of the gentle breeze with a deep crimson.

As it is an experimental technique the sound may not work so well on older machines and apple macs, the joins between the snippets of the sample becoming too

noticeable, the synchronisation between the sound and the visuals may also suffer.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave v10+ plugin,

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