Published - 25.03.1999

The site thesquarerootof-1 (Biproducts) comprises of seventy investigations into the language of interactivity.

The key themes running through the work are mathematics, geometry, simulated physics, the iterative, process-orientated creativity fascilitated by the computer, accessibility and legibility, and perhaps most importantly the synaesthetic marraige of sound and vision.

The work is accessed through a ten by seven menu grid, visually reminiscent of a victorian-butterfly-collector's specmin case. Each line follows a particular audio-visual motif, using similar sound, image and code assets that are reworked and presented as iterations in a process of exploration around a specific idea.

Once the user chooses a piece from the grid they can navigate to the next or previous piece on that line by clicking the plus or minus at either side of the frame, without having to go back to the menu.

Each piece is fairly small in file size and the pieces either side of the one being viewed are preloaded so that the user experience is as free from annoying loading bars as possible.

Originally published at until the evil domain hoovers that are Ultimate Search snatched it from me thanks to the equally evil NetworkSolutions. Thanks to the wonderfull MediaTemple it can now be accessed at it's new location by following the link to the left.

The pieces that make up biproducts were produced over a period spanning the last year of

my degree in Interactive Art at U.W.C.N 1997-98 and the first few months of 1999 while working for Brann Interactive.

For a far more eloquent description of thesquarerootof-1 site, complete with far grander claims for the significance of the site than I would argue myself, see Christian Bök's essay in the text section.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave 8.5+ plugin,
headphones or speakers.

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