Published 01.07.2002

Song3 is a tool for exploring and experiencing the possibility space presented by a certain set of sounds that can be arranged and combined in a certain number of ways.

You can choose to just fly around and enjoy the default song. Or you can choose to explore the possibilities.

As you explore the possibile song permutaions, by editing the pattern sequences, the 'library of possibility' is consulted to determine whether the current permutation has been named. If it has not yet been named you are given the opportunity to name it. Once you have named it the name will be displayed when any future user comes accross that permutaion.

The song consists of eight tracks, the software presents three different ways in which to view and effect these tracks. On the left the song space is shown from above as a square shaped space. The user is able to drag colour coded blocks around the space and by doing so effect the stereo positioning of the track represented by that block.

In the centre the song space is represented in three dimensions as a cube shaped space. You view the space from the inside. Each track is here represented by a colour coded pillar that fills the space from floor to ceiling. You can fly around the space and in doing so effect the filtering, relative volumes and the stereo positioning of each track. The stereo positioning and relative volumes being relative to the proximity of each track's pillar

and the filtering of the tracks relative to your vertical positionwithin the space - flying lower increasingly filters the tracks down to their lower frequencies and flying upward has the inverse effect.

Finally, the right hand panel presents you with the opportunity to edit the pattern of each track individually.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave 8.5+ plugin,

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