Published - 25.04.2002

It has never been my intention in my personal work to attempt to compete with conventional software music composition tools, the likes of Cubase, Acid and performance tools like Traktor. Infact rather than create music creation tools I aim to create music enjoyment tools. Although some of my work can be used as composition tools I actually intend them to be used in a more playful, less goal orientated manner.

With the majority of conventional software musical instruments and musical composition software the absolute priority is not necessarily how it feels but what it can do, the destination not the journey, the priority is the output and that is where the attention of the user is focused.

I want my work to invoke a state of play, so that the user's focus is the journey, the experience, the pleasurable tactile sensation of the interaction, and the effects of this interaction upon the audio visual relationships. The goal if there is one is to highlight the relationship between the sensory elements under the control of the user.

That said, I have produced a music tool that follows the standard step sequencer and editor format. The brief was to produce an online promo for the realease of the MTV Music Generator II on the Playstation II, to reproduced a good deal of the functionality of the actual product but that would run cross platform within a browser using only popular plugins - quite a challenge - and with hindsight probably not all that

realistic as shockwave on a mac still has sound latency issues that prevent the reliable and consistent timing essential to any sequencer. Still the resulting application does managed to keep good time on PCs and some of the newer Macs.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave 8.5+ plugin,
headphones or speakers.

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Note : With the original version of this sequencer it was possible to save and load songs to and from the server, this network functionality is currently disabled in this locally archived version.