Site published - 01.10.2000

Modifyme represents a reaction against the standard presentation of code based art on the web, where, as in thesquarerootof-1, multiple pieces are accessed through a sequential menu and are viewed one at a time.

Modifyme presents a single environment into which code objects can be released from a row of folders. Already within the environment are a number of documents, the documents themselves are deviod of any behavioural properties of their own, when released from their folders the code objects each add new properties, sounds and behaviours to the documents.

The effects of each code object can be viewed individually but can also be viewed with any combination of other code objects.

The code objects combine and interfere within the environment to imbue the documents with emergent, sometimes unintentional, unexpected behaviours.

A kind of choatic song sequencer, the opening of a folder also releases an additional sound element to the song sequence. An analogy is drawn between the way sounds interfere and combine and the way code objects can interfere and combine.

The documents are song events that can be arranged within the song loop to trigger and filter sounds according to their vertical position within the grid as they pass through the playhead. Unlike song events in traditional sequencers the documents move around creating an ever changing, evolving song pattern. The speed of the song and the actual size of

the song environment are also open to user adjustment.

Although the sounds in the song have been selected to suit the visual aesthetic of the interface, the focus here is upon the relationship between patterns of sound and the corresponding movement and behaviours of the document objects.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
Flash 5+ plugin,
headphones or speakers.

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