Published - 10.07.1999

The first leftfield mixtoy for the Phat Planet track was created in the summer of 99 and further iterations for the tracks Swords and Dusted were produced in the first half of 2000 while I was working at kleber.

The mixtoy interface is keyboard operated and fascilitates the recording and saving of mix performances. Sound loops are assigned to each key shown on the interface, when a key is pressed, a sound loop is triggered.

In Record mode all keyboard actions are recorded and this song data can be saved to the leftfield server for other users to download.

Running horizontally through the centre of the mixer is an animated waveform that responds to the cursor. The user can click and drag inside the bar to reshape the waveform, this inturn alters the filtering of the currently selected sound loop.

While playing back prerecorded mixes the user can intervene, play along, and re-edit the mix.

Hundreds of Mixes have been saved to the Leftfield server and can still be downloaded into the mixtoys, all three can be found in the Extras section of the Leftfield site.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave 8.5+ plugin,
headphones or speakers.

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