Published - 10.12.1999

Warp invaders appropriates the classic arcade metaphores, game play and iconography of Space Invaders, incorporating them into a song sequencer - An interactive piano roll with space invaders for note triggers.

The song events, the invader note triggers and the landscape, all scroll horizontally. Like the old fashion piano roll or pianola the program functions automatically but is simultaneously open to external (user) input.

The sounds produced by the game play and the note triggers are analysed and fed into the program to produce wave like undulations in the blocks of the landscape, this inturn effects the game play forming a causal feedback loop between song and game.

Two cubes bounce freely around the landscape. Upon collision with the space ship one cube reverses the song and the other adds invader note triggers into random positions within the sequence.

The user can either fly the space ship into the invaders to nudge them forwards or backwards in the song sequence or they can shoot the invaders to clear them from the song loop altogether.

Collisions between the invaders and the space ship or the cubes and the space ship will happen even when the game is left alone, changing song direction, adding and rearranging the note triggers in a chaotic manner dependant soley upon the simulated physics within the system and without the need for input from the user.

The focus of warpinvaders is not

game play in the usual sense, there is not a goal to the game play beyond the enjoyment of the sounds and visuals themselves and the simple pleasure of interacting with the system that produces them. There are currently warpinvader versions for warp artists Plaid and Boards of Canada.

viewing requirements

v6+ browser,
macromedia shockwave 8.5+ plugin,
headphones or speakers.

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