Site published - 03.05.2003

Greyworld are a highly sucessfull art collective based in London. Their primary concerns include interactivity, accessibility, legibility and the emotive marraige of sound with other sensory stimuli.

Since creating the new greyworld website we have been collaborating on a radio show on Resonance 104.4fm called Big Ears (archived in the greyworldplayer) we have also collaborated on several ongoing art commissions.

The following passage is a quote from the greyworld web site.

"Greyworld is a group of artists who create urban art. Our work finds expression through the mediums of installation, sculpture and multiples.

Our primary objective is to create public art that involves the human in an urban context. Greyworlds installations are preferably situated in the urban arena, allowing visitors, pedestrians and passers by to become part of the creative process in spaces that permit the widest forms of interaction. Visitors become actively part of the installation itself, the work not being complete without them.

For the most part, these installations are often displayed in the ill defined areas of the city, in the grey areas between the functional, well defined zones: the living, the working and leisure spaces.

These works would seek to "short circuit" both the environmental and social expectations supplied by the

surrounding urban environment, and provide a creative means of expression in the banal and ignored zones of the urban surround.

These works create spaces which offer the passers by an opportunity to join an unexpected 'community of presence', to leave a trail simply by being there or passing through."

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